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Hand Dryer Cost Effectiveness

You can save hundreds of pounds over the course of a year by using hand dryers instead of paper towels.

Paper towel systems require regular maintenance (refilling and removal of waste towels) and depending on the level of usage can be expensive to operate. However, installing a hand dryer, although initially more expensive, can reduce costs in the long term as some dryers can cost as little as £10 per year to run.

It pays to choose your hand dryers carefully. While it may be tempting to go for the cheaper sometimes quieter hand dryers they can be a lot less energy efficient and costing more to run in the long term.

Velocity Hand Dryer

Drying time: 8-10 seconds
Air velocity: 60 m/s
Motor: brush 25000 rpm
Protection level: IP23
Rated power: 1800 watts
Dimensions: 290mm x 320mm x 170mm
Decibel rating: 65dB
Material: stainless steel
Available in: white / chrome effect

F4 Eco Hand Dryer

Drying time: 12 seconds
Voltage: 220v-240v 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 1000w | 600w
Net Weight: brush 3.1kg
Dimensions: 99mm x 286mm x 321mm
Noise Level: 70dB at 1m
Cover Material: Stainless Steel

Veltia Hand Dryer

Drying time: 10 seconds
Air velocity: 125 m/s
Motor: 30000 rpm
Protection level: IPX1
Rated power: 1760 watts
Dimensions: 300mm x 617mm x 195mm
Decibel rating: 72dB
Material: ABS plastic
Available in: white / silver